State Scare's Maim Street attraction features over 12,000 square feet of fear
and the shops are always looking for more qualified employees.

Welcome to Maim Street, a quaint little street located on the edge of small town Belleville, NJ. Developed and built on the site of the old State Processing Factory, this little slice of suburbia is described as downright terrifying. In an attempt to get rid of the pure evil that inhabited the property, the factory was leveled and a new strip mall seemed to appear over night. Looking common on the outside, residents soon learned Maim Street, on the inside, was anything but.

Soon after completion of the strip mall, townspeople began noticing eerily familiar noises and practices coming from the strip mall. Apparently the Maim Street owners liked the brutal management practices of the old State Processing Factory. It was a managing style copied from the early 18 and 1900's where people we shanghaied and forced to work on ships against their will. If they didn't work, or perform up to "expectations", they we dealt with severely and often thrown overboard. However, the workers at Maim Street seem to never want to leave, and take pride in giving each customer the "special attention" they deserve.

So as you visit our stores take time to stop by, say hi and browse our fine shops. Take a little off the top at Deep Cuts, a barber shop that specializes in the closest shaves around, but be wary of barbers with shaky hands. Now that you're looking good, are you starting to feel hungry? Drop in at Slabs Butcher Shop, famous for their fine selection of choice aged raw meats. Everything from animal to other cuts is available for purchase.

Boss giving you problems? Spouse being a nag? Need a quick drink to get you through the day? C'mon in to Neverleave Pub for an ice cold bottle of Maim Street's special brew. With the bar's "active" nightlife, the experience is sure to leave you thirsty for more! Walk by the Five and Ten for a quick deal on some new items.

Out of town visitors can take a room at the Clubbed Hotel, where the service is killer and more than just a mint can be found on your pillow in the morning.