Scareland Stadium’s New “Field of Nightmares”

Here’s a Baseball Team You Won’t Soon Forget

New Jersey’s newest haunted attraction, an eerie baseball stadium in Augusta, offers bone-chilling terror. Baseball recruits (that’s you) are welcome to come and meet the evil team owner, sadistic coaches and demonic players.

The baseball team at “Scareland Stadium” in Augusta has a problem. Its players keep turning up missing and its owners are having trouble keeping players in the draft. This Halloween season, the stadium has issued a call for “open tryouts.” Come any weekend in October, and meet the terrifying coaches, evil team owner and a field full of demonic zombie players, with more terrifying curveballs in store.

Scareland Stadium is 25 minutes of pure unadulterated fear and unrivaled terror. At Scareland, you are part of the attraction. Experience the draft pick as if you were a real rookie player, and come face to face with the twisted ballpark coaches who will be taking you through the tryout process. This attraction will literally drive you batty. If you are a little bit scared of zombies, this one-of-a-kind baseball team will ensure that you become VERY scared of zombies. The locals call it Skylands Stadium, but it’s really SCAREland Stadium. Everyone who’s been scouted and drafted has disappeared. Will you be next?”